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TLP Specialized CD - Full Spectrum - Prelude 1 Headphones

TLP Specialized CD - Full Spectrum - Prelude 1 Headphones


TLP Full Spectrum (FS) Prelude 1 was developed as a gentle introduction to The Listening Program. These CDs are the first of The Listening Program - New Generation. They incorporate ABT Music's new High Definition (HD) 24-bit 192 kHz recordings, featuring the latest advancements in ABT's psychoacoustic and neurosonic treatments.

High Definition recording has only been possible in the last several years. These recordings provide a more natural listening experience, very close to live. They contain low levels of distortion, more accurate representation of the sound waves, providing a rich, fulfilling listening experience with greater clarity than our earlier 16-bit recordings.

What you hear is more clear high frequencies, authentic timbre in low frequencies, greater definition of individual notes, and spatial details unlike you have ever heard! This provides more new opportunities for developing TLP than ever thought possible.

The combination of ABT Music HD recordings coupled with ABT's Spatial Surround™ recording and production process takes TLP to a new level of quality, enjoyment, and effectiveness. With Spatial Surround the listener is placed in the position of the conductor of an orchestra. In the middle of the orchestra, the conductor will hear sounds more individually, clear and distinct. Instead of blended sounds as one may hear in front of the orchestra at a concert, they will hear the instruments more individually as the musicians play them around the listener. This provides more clarity providing the benefit of experiencing the natural spatial properties of the sound. Coupled with Dolby Headphone technology, which provides a surround sound experience in stereo headphones, these CDs contain spatial details unrivaled to this point.

The Recordings

FS Prelude contains ABT Music HD 24-bit 192 kHz recordings of Vivaldi Concertos, Mozart Symphonies, Haydn Quartets, and others with strings and woodwinds. These recordings have been simplified using numerous psychoacoustic treatments to make them easier for the listener to attend to the individual instrumental "voices". These simplifications provide an opportunity for the listener to better understand what is taking place within the compositions making them easier to listen to and sequentially process. The compositions by these great masters and the performances by the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble are energetic, vivid and joyous.

Auditory Processing Skills

One of the auditory processing skills we focus on training in FS Prelude is auditory figure ground - the ability to focus on foreground sound such as a conversation, while filtering out distracting background noise. For many people trying to listen to speech when competing sounds are present is a source of stress and frustration, whether in the classroom, work place, or public places such as a restaurant. Full Spectrum Prelude is a tool which can be used to train this ability. While auditory figure ground is a vital skill for understanding language, to hold auditory attention and concentrate, it is also an essential skill in our ability to process, understand and enjoy music.

If an auditory scene or piece of music is too complex for our auditory system to process, we can become stressed and shut down to varying degrees. FS Prelude gives the listener an opportunity to hear the instrumental voices separate at times, and at varying volume levels, that makes it easier to attend or focus to one instrumental voice then another. Instruments are individually brought to the foreground then move gradually into the background shifting auditory attention in subtle but significant ways. This sets a foundation for auditory processing that allows future listening to be more effective.

Full Spectrum Prelude trains not only our ability to perform an auditory scene analysis and the auditory figure ground skill but also selective auditory attention, pitch discrimination, amplitude perception, sound localization, frequency perception, and temporal processing.

Listening to FS Prelude trains auditory processing in ways that are of equal benefit to the beginning or experienced listener. Rather than using filtration which can be initially uncomfortable for some, the natural frequency contrasts of the individual instruments provides a unique, engaging, and comfortable listening experience.

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