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When Listening Comes Alive

When Listening Comes Alive

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In When Listening Comes Alive, Paul Madaule re-awakens a skill that each of us has-a skill that can improve communication creativity and learning ability, allowing a fuller and more energetic life.

Madaule demystifies The Tomatis Listening Method as both clinician and client. Diagnosed as dyslexic at an early age, Madaule experienced a remarkable recovery with the help of Dr. Alfred Tomatis.

Since then, at the Tomatis Listening Centers in North America, Paul Madaule has helped thousands of people for over twenty years. Madaule has summarized these methods and has included a unique selection of "Earobics," daily exercises that will allow you to develop and improve your listening skills on your own.

This is a book about listening at all stages of life-for parents-to-be, hard-working professionals, teachers, early childhood educators and parents seeking help for learning disabled children or difficult teenagers. When Listening Comes Alive is a guide to a healthier more holistic way of living.

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