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The Ear and the Voice

The Ear and the Voice

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Alfred A. Tomatis was one of the earliest pioneers in the field now known as psychoacoustics, and his book L'Oreille et la Voix is considered a classic by many in that field. By adapting the French text with the kind permission of its original author and publisher, this present edition brings Tomatis's passionate reverence for the ear and voice--along with his brilliant insights into the nature of listening and singing--to the English-speaking world.

Although Tomatis initially applied his theories to vocal performance, it soon became clear that the principles he uncovered could also have a profoundly beneficial influence on actors, painters, writers, and those suffering from physical and psychological disabilities. This translation of Tomatis's discoveries has been adapted to make it accessible for a broad audience, and is divided into three Parts that can be read separately or together.

Part I introduces Tomatis's general concepts as they apply to the art of singing.

Part II is a basic introduction to the anatomy of the ear and how its functions relate to the brain and the rest of the body. It also explains how the vocal apparatus works and provides the reader with a metaphor-free vocabulary for discussing anatomy with doctors and other concerned professionals.

Part III gives practical advice on singing, posture, and matters pertaining primarily to musicians. A list of the latest English-language books on the subject has been appended.

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