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Sony D-NS707F S2 Sports Walkman Portable CD Player with Digital Tuner (AM/FM)

Sony D-NS707F S2 Sports Walkman Portable CD Player with Digital Tuner (AM/FM)

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Spin your commercial CDs, your homemade music CDs of almost any stripe, or listen to the radio, TV, or weather-band transmissions with Sony's versatile, full-circle D-NS707F S2 Sports-styled Walkman portable CD player. Designed for rugged outdoor use, the player features active control playback operation so you can make changes to your program literally while you're on the run. Sony's "h.ear" clip-on headphones are designed for streamlined comfort.

Skip-Free G-Protection technology boosts the laser pickup's shock protection to minimize read errors that would otherwise interrupt your music, providing quick recovery from both horizontal and vertical shocks. The D-NS707F's water-resistant body and heat-resistant lid helps protect it against the elements, with rubber gaskets, bushings, and splash-resistant seals that help keep out water, moisture, and dirt.

Playback options include 32-track programming, repeat (track, disc, or program), random play, and--thanks to Sony's great work in DSP efficiency--more than 75 hours of ATRAC3plus CD or more than 50 hours of audio CD playback from 2 AA batteries (not included).

The D-NS707F's 2-line dot-matrix display is built right into its handstrap, offering full ID3 tag recognition, and bookmark playback (which lets you program your favorite songs from multiple CDs and play them back at the touch of a button). CD Text support displays artist and title information with compatible commercial audio CDs.


  • Skip-free G-Protection technology eliminates or reduces skipping; active control playback operation simplifies active use
  • More than 75 hours extended playback with 2 AA batteries (not included) for ATRAC recordings and over 50 hours continuous audio CD playback
  • 2-line display with ID3 tag recognition
  • Built-in FM, AM, TV, and Weather Band radio with 51 station presets
  • Sports model that's agreat choice for active kids

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