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Speech And Voice Improvement Programs

Speech And Voice Improvement Programs


Our Business Communication Specialists will focus on correcting general difficulty in speech production, including mumbling, speaking too fast, dropping word endings or trailing off the ends of your sentences.

Precise speech pronunciation makes you more confident in your speaking ability. It makes others more confident in you!

We will customize any training program to fit your individual needs. We will also combine any training program to maximize your time and investment. Most of our trainings are available in 2-hour modules. Our fees are billed hourly.

We’ll address intonation training and the rhythm of conversational speech, including pitch and stress to develop a stronger, more resonant voice. You’ll learn about your own voice and proper vocal hygiene.

Completing our programs will give your employer confidence in your ability to answer the phone, make important sales calls or deal directly with customer projects.

First impressions are HUGE!

Often the first contact a customer has with your business is with the person who answers the telephone, takes reservations, works the counter or brings water to the table. If you speak too rapidly or have poor pronunciation skills, no matter how dedicated and valuable a team member you are you may not succeed, as quickly as you’d like.

You will learn to use an appropriate rate of speech and sharpen your pronunciation skills so that your value to the company can be clearly presented and understood. You’ll learn these valuable skills in structured speaking exercises and then transfer these newly learned skills over into your professional and personal life.

Put Your Best Voice Forward Program

You will learn how to breathe more effectively for a strong and resonant voice. You’ll receive individualized instruction regarding any parameters of speech that adversely call attention to your voice.

In addition to our programs that focus on Standard English pronunciation, we addresses other communication issues that affect job performance and interpersonal relationships.

Some examples of our customized corporate training include:

  • Identifying and eliminating vocal abuses and misuses
  • Learning appropriate breath support for speech
  • Customizing your own desired vocal pitch
  • Resonance and volume control

How’s Our Program Work?

At Speaking Successfully we believe that, regardless of your experience, how well you speak, if English is your second language or which region or country you’re from, you can significantly improve your business communication skills.

No matter your skill level, the program length or class size you select, all our courses include three essential components: a thorough assessment, professional training and lots of practice.

Our Assessment

Our programs begin with a thorough assessment of your business communication skills. For example, we’ll determine exactly how your pronunciation varies from standard American English.

We will also discover which specific areas we’ll need to concentrate on the most. For example, do you speak too quickly, too slowly, do you drop the ending sounds on words, do you mumble, or do you ‘um’ and ‘er’ a lot? This assessment also helps us determine the number of sessions required.

Our Business Communication Specialist begins with an evaluation of your particular business English skills, your workplace and personal requirements and your business communication goals. We’ll assess your use of body movements, facial gestures, related body language and cultural knowledge. Then we’ll design a program tailored to your personal and professional needs.

Employee Benefits

  • Greater advancement opportunities mean greater chances for a better career
  • Increased professional performance
  • Increased customer satisfaction - face-to-face and over the telephone
  • Increased confidence: professionally, socially, and personally
  • Improved organizational communication and efficiency

Your Training Program

All your Business Communication Improvement is done with a nationally certified speech pathologist. Depending on your specific needs, instruction will specifically address pronunciation, intonation and inflection, pitch, voice projection, speaking rate, grammar and total word production.

When you’ve learned the sounds and principles of Western English, you'll have the tools to master even the most specialized, technical or scientific terminology. You'll gain the confidence in your conversational skills to tackle group discussions and formal presentations.

Our programs also incorporate follow-up coaching. You will see successful results from this unique aspect. This added value may just be the incentive you or your employees need to maintain success!

Our programs are flexible, with training schedules designed to fit the busiest company or executive. Our programs range from 2 to 4 to 7 to 14 hours in length with a variety of manageable schedules. We believe sustained learning occurs over time with consistent input and support.

Lots of Practice

To improve your business communication skills takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It cannot be done in our trainings alone. The professionals at Speaking Successfully will always provide you additional carryover practice work. Typically, there's 30-45 minutes of practice work each day.

You may also work independently recorded personal practice exercises on tape or CD. You’ll also receive tailored assignments using your new business communication skills in real life situations.

When you’ve completed your ‘Speaking Successfully’ program, your speech will be assessed again. The results will be compared to your initial testing so you can see exactly how much progress you’ve made. Past comparison have shown that individuals who attend all the appropriate sessions of a 14 hour program and practice diligently can expect to experience at least a 50% change in their production.

Time and Location

Increasingly busy schedules can make it difficult to find time for the professional and personal development. That's why we present trainings in the convenience of your work site. This proven method allows even the busiest professional to take advantage of our Business Communication Improvement Programs.

All Speaking Successfully programs held at your corporate office or workplace can be scheduled at convenient times throughout the business day. Many clients report that when they can stay in their office or conference facility, they’re sure to make the meetings and they can completely focus on their speech improvement training.

Client and Customer Benefits:

  • Your clients and customers don’t have to struggle to understand your employee.
  • Your clients and customers can conduct business quicker and more efficiently.
  • Your clients and customers have increased confidence that your employee understands their special needs.
  • Your clients and customers are more likely to return and refer others to your business.

Having great communication skills is critical to your success in today's business and professional environments. Your ability to communicate effectively plays a tremendous role in whether or not you or your company succeeds. You need to be able to convey your ideas with an impact that is convincing.

We believe you can easily improve your business communication skills and meet the needs of your customers or clients. To understand you, your listeners need you to have clear pronunciation and voice with adequate loudness and pitch variation. They also need you to organize your message and to present new information in a way that makes sense to them.

If you would like to have greater success when you make oral presentations, participate in meetings, talk with clients, or communicate with professional and business colleagues, the services offered at Speaking Successfully may be just what you’re looking for!

We will customize any training program to fit your individual needs. We will also combine any training program to maximize your time and investment. Most of our trainings are available in 2-hour modules. Our fees are billed hourly.

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