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Listening For Wellness

Listening For Wellness

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Dr, Tomatis, a French, ear, nose and throat specialist, is one of the twentieth century pioneers in the field of sound and music therapy. The work of Tomatis brings new insights about the role of the ear in human development.

Tomatis argues that poor listening originates many educational or psychological problems. By training the ear to listen better, it is possible to improve or restore normal functioning. Tomatis’ discoveries are applied successfully in the field of autism, dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, behavior problems, motor- and speech difficulties. They facilitate learning, foreign languages, improve the singing voice, sharpen communication skills, boost creativity, and maximize learning.

Although Tomatis has gained international fame and his work has benefited many children and adults, there is still no comprehensive book in English that explores the many facets of his discoveries. The goal of this book is to fill this gap, and provide parents, educators, psychotherapists, and any person interested in the field of sound therapy, with new tools that can contribute to their understanding of like and to their wellness.

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