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The Mozart Effect For Children

The Mozart Effect For Children

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In The Mozart Effect for Children, author Don Campbell shows that music is the perfect tool to improve children's language, movement, and emotional skills at home, school, and play.

The author presents a wealth of dynamic, inventive ways for parents and teachers to invigorate a child's imagination with music, sounds, and songs, supplying simple exercises and fun activities tailored for each age group and stage of development, from prenatal through age ten. Campbell offers ideas and exercises both practical and profound, from special ways for parents to bond with their newborns to tips on fostering good study habits and stress reduction for elementary school students.

Each chapter is devoted to a particular age, from prenatal to mid-elementary school, and parents and educators can find excellent musical menus, practical suggestions, and entertaining games to play at the end of every chapter. The menus include suggestions for appropriate times to play the various pieces, as well as a brief description of the type of music, helpful in case you're not immediately familiar with "Adagio from the Divertimento" or "Concertante from the Serenade No. 9". Games range from simple variations on pat-a-cake to rhythmic chanting designed to improve memory skills, and parents will enjoy playing at least as much as their children will.

The Mozart Effect for Children is an invaluable resource for any parent and every child, as well as for grandparents and educators. With Campbell's fascinating, informed, and compassionate guidance and with the incredible, uplifting power of tone, rhythm, and melody, you can help the child in your life aspire, achieve, and grow healthier in mind, body, and spirit.

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