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The Better Brain Book

The Better Brain Book

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Loss of memory and acuity is not a natural part of aging, and celebrated neurologist David Perlmutter, M.D., shows readers how easy it is to regain and maintain clarity. Most people can see the signs in their lives-they can't remember where they put their keys; they forget who they're calling mid-dial; shopping lists are the only things that give them an indication of why they've entered a store. However, these are not normal signs of aging. They are the symptoms of a distressed brain, one on its way to more serious conditions that can leave the individual unable to care for him- or herself later in life.

The Better Brain Book provides all the tools any reader will need for rejuvenating the mind, whether they've become forgetful and less able to focus at work, or are trying to help a loved one who has suffered a serious illness. This helpful guide helps you to:

  • Discover hidden brain toxins in your medicine cabinet, your household products, and the food you eat
  • Learn how to bring back clarity and mental vigor
  • Find out what your doctor won't tell you about preventing and treating stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other neurological conditions

In addition, The Better Brain Book offers a unique three-tiered food and supplement program that helps heal damage and restore youthful sharpness and memory, as well as specific exercises for keeping the mind alert. (You'll never lose your keys again!)

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