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The Power of Sound - Book/CD

The Power of Sound - Book/CD

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In addition to preserving good health, sound can also heal. The ability to process, understand, and communicate with our world is largely dependent upon a delicate combination of auditory functions. New music and sound techniques--including filtered Mozart, entrained rhythms, and resonant frequencies--can retrain the auditory system to take in a full spectrum of sound. Improved hearing can impact speech and language skills, short-term memory, stress-related conditions, and low immune function.

An accompanying CD of music designed to bring an exciting extra dimension to the text. Readers will feel the effects of a variety of sounds as they learn to design their own beneficial soundscapes.

About the Author; Joshua Leeds is a sound researcher and producer who has created audio programs for leading holistic practitioners, including Andrew Weil, Louise L. Hay, and Bernie Siegel. He is the cofounder of Applied Music and Sound, a psychoacoustic music company specializing in programs for health, learning, and productivity. Leeds teaches sound therapy to healthcare and education professionals throughout North America and Europe.

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