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A Children's Lullaby Sleep CD--Night Night Time

A Children's Lullaby Sleep CD--Night Night Time


Nine soothing lullabies set to the calming rhythm of a mother's heartbeat to help crying children and fussy babies relax and fall into a safe, peaceful sleep.

There's nothing like the calming sound of lullabies to help your baby or child relax and go to sleep. And the familiar, reassuring sound of a mother's heartbeat is known to have a restful effect, too.

If your baby experiences "separation anxiety" at bedtime; i.e., she cries or throws a tantrum when you leave the room, playing Night Night Time lullaby music can help settle her down for sleeping.

To a baby, a mother's heartbeat sound means love and comfort.

Because newborns have heard their mothers' heartbeats for nine months, they associate this maternal sound with being safe and secure. That's just one of many reasons why this particular lullaby album is so popular with hospital neonatal and pediatric units, too!

"White noise" enhances the soothing qualities of every sound track.

Night Night Time is a magnificent album that sets traditional lullaby music to the soothing rhythm of a mother's heartbeat. Enhancing this already peaceful combination of sound is the beneficial addition of white noise, known for its ability to calm even the fussiest baby.

With both vocals and instrumental arrangements, each Night Night Time lullaby CD provides a full hour of calming lullaby music that's sure to please both parent and child.


Night Night Time - one full hour

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