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Do You Want to Stop Stuttering?

The SpeechEasy Fluency Device is a proven tool used to reduce stuttering and to help increase fluency. While you will not stop stuttering completely (there is no cure for stuttering), we can help you take back control of your speech, and your life. The confidence you gain by saying what you want, when you want, is immeasurable. You'll no longer fear social functions, avoid ordering food at a drive through, or keep quiet when you really want to speak out. We have received positive feedback showing that dramatic life changes are possible when using our fluency device.

"I am now extremely confident and know there are endless possibilities for me due to my fluency. I have become more outgoing and social because I am not afraid to talk." Rhonda Q., Brunswick, GA

SpeechEasy Can Help With Your Stuttering Problem

We are confident after looking at the information supporting the SpeechEasy device you will agree, as thousands of others have, that we offer a valuable tool that can increase fluency by reducing the tendency to stutter. We are so sure our device has the capacity to reduce your stuttering problem that we guarantee your satisfaction. But don't take our word for it, our testimonials will show you what our clients have gained through our device: confidence and control over stuttering.

While SpeechEasy works great as a stand alone tool, combining speech therapy techniques with our fluency device has shown even more remarkable results in reducing a person's stuttering problem. You should work closely with a speech language pathologist to refine known fluency techniques, further reducing stuttering in those clients that combine the device and speech therapy. The cutting edge technology made available with our device gives you unprecedented control in a miniature package.

Our revolutionary fluency device can help get you closer to realizing the dream to stop stuttering. If you are interested in obtaining a SpeechEasy device, we will let you know what to expect with the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Don Harris is a Certified SpeechEasy Provider and Licensed Speech Language Pathologist. Contact Don Online to further discuss the many ways The SpeechEasy will benefit you.


"Don, I hope you are doing well. I just want to thank you for all of your help. You are a very kind and compassionate person. I got accepted to two dental schools, UW and UCSF. I already accepted UW's offer and will be starting there in September. I had a lot of fun on my interviews, who would ever think!! The device worked well. I will stay in touch. Thank you again." LK, Washington

"I approach each new day with the confidence that comes from knowing I can communicate and be my true self." Adam, NY, NY