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A Children's Lullaby Sleep Collection

Now you can help fussy or colicky baby fall asleep without drugs or "crying themselves to sleep."

Help your baby infant or child relax and fall into a safe natural sleep with traditional baby lullaby music, baby songs and nursery rhymes uniquely arranged to some of nature's most soothing sounds and white noise.

How are Sleep Lullabies different?

Sleep Lullabies CDs offer more than just collections of lullabies, baby songs and nursery rhymes.

Every album of lullabies and nursery rhymes embeds the delicate sound of soothing white noise in melodic calming music arrangements to help your infant baby or child -- even babies with colic -- unwind, relax and often times fall into a safe, natural and peaceful sleep.

These CDs integrate nature sounds -- a mother's heartbeat, gentle ocean waves, sounds of the forest, and more -- to heighten the sense of peacefulness and positive well-being.

Fussy or crying children, as wells as babies with colic, can cause stress in a family. Not only are the children unhappy, but feelings of tension and stress are felt by parents and other caregivers as well.

Developed by the talented composers and audio/acoustics professionals at Reg Furlough Productions in state-of-the-art music studios, these baby lullabies CDs can create the right mood with soothing music to sleep by. No need for drugs, colic remedies or baby "crying herself to sleep"!

Yet, you don't have to take our word for it -- even prestigious hospitals and medical centers use our baby lullabies in their neonatal and pediatric units!

You and your baby are sure to love one or more of our baby lullaby and children's sleeping music albums, each incorporating different sounds taken directly from Mother Nature and gently mixed with ear-pleasing music arrangements.

And there's more:

  • Includes subtle yet soothing white noise, known for its relaxation and sound masking benefits.
  • Uses real sounds of nature, including an actual mother's heartbeat, ocean waves, songbirds and more, to create the right atmosphere to encourage restful sleep.
  • Used in hospital nurseries and neonatal units around the country, SleepLullabies.com lullaby and nursery rhyme albums are also doctor-tested and approved!
  • Ideal for newborns to children 5 years of age.
  • "Mom-tested" by thousands of satisfied parents.
  • These lullaby albums make great baby gifts, too!

Discover what hospitals know!

When it comes to newborns, hospitals are committed to providing the best possible care.

That's why many hospital neonatal units and nurseries, such as those in Duke Medical Center, Shands Children's Hospital and the Medical University of South Carolina, to name a few, have selected our lullabies and baby songs to soothe and calm babies.

In fact, Bayfront Medical Center of St. Petersburg, Florida, plays the music in the playroom of its pediatric respiratory unit. This helps to keep the little patients' playtime relaxed and subdued, so they don't become overexcited and experience difficulty breathing.

Don't forget, these lovely musical lullaby albums make thoughtful baby gifts, too!

A Children's Lullaby Sleep CD--Night Night Time
A Children's Lullaby Sleep CD--Night Night Time
Nine soothing lullabies set to the calming rhythm of a mother's heartbeat to help crying children and fussy babies relax and fall into a safe, peacefu ...

ONLY $13.97 More Info

A Children's Lullaby Sleep CD--Baby By The Sea
A Children's Lullaby Sleep CD--Baby By The Sea
Ten calming all-instrumental lullabies, blended with soothing ocean waves, gently relax infants and children into a safe, natural sleep. ...

ONLY $13.97 More Info

A Children's Lullaby Sleep CD--Baby By The Brook
A Children's Lullaby Sleep CD--Baby By The Brook
Listen to the music of ten instrumental lullabies set to the sounds of the forest as it magically transports you and your child to a place of inner pe ...

ONLY $13.97 More Info

A Children's Lullaby Sleep CD--Sing-A-Long Lullabies
A Children's Lullaby Sleep CD--Sing-A-Long Lullabies
Ten beautiful and soothing traditional lullabies for that special time enjoyed between parent and child. ...

ONLY $13.97 More Info