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Music For Infants

Thomas Schoenberger, who writes all the original piano music for the company, has appeared on various TV talk shows and has been prominently featured in many publications.

Thomas's unique musical gift came from an unfortunate injury to his head that left him with severe migraines and sleeplessness. What nature takes away it sometimes gives back. The blow to Thomas's head left him with two savant features. He can do amazing complex math facts in his head. More significantly, he now hears and almost continuous stream of music in his head. Referred to as the "Schonenberger Effect", this wonderful music has an amazing effect on both infants and children.

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Thomas's beautiful music has been awarded the prestigious Dr. Toy Best Audio Award along with Parents Magazine and Scholastic Teachers Picks Awards.

A Playful Mind has been nominated to receive America's Angel's first corporate Achievement award.