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Sound Reading Solutions

Does your decoding, fluency and comprehension instruction need an edge? Nationwide, teachers are finding that more students are less responsive to their literacy instruction. Low motivation, short attention spans and lack of basic auditory skills are national concerns.

Today’s students need more attention, but you have little time to innovate. Sound Reading can help with our brief, targeted solutions, including literacy games, activity books, fluency stimulating readers and highly educational literacy software.

Three Simple Steps to Reading Success!

Sound Reading Solutions classroom validated instruction develops:

  • Accuracy
  • Fluency
  • Listening Comprehension

Leading your students to the final step, their ultimate goal... Reading For Meaning!

Adding Sound Reading is Easy!

Whether your curriculum emphasizes phonics, a literature-based or balanced approach to reading, adding Sound Reading will make teaching today’s more challenging students much easier. Dramatically improve reading abilities in months not years.

  • Step One, Accuracy: The Reading Challenge Game and the Sound Sense Activity Book improve phonemic awareness, phonological and auditory processing, decoding and fluency.
  • Step Two, Fluency: Quickly develop fluency with The Reading Challenge Game and Fluency Foundation, combining repeated reading of quick reads with rapid word naming practice, the secret to improving fluency in students who read word- by- word.
  • Step Three, Listening Comprehension: the Sound Sense Activity Books, Sound Reading Software, and The Reading Challenge Game improve critical spoken and written word processing.

Sound Reading’s Brain-friendly Teaching Style -- Easy to Teach, Maximizes Learning!

Sound Reading uses a wide range of methods derived from speech therapy and cognitive learning theory, providing research-based instruction without scripted drills. These methods make Sound Reading very easy to teach and they produce maximum results in very little time. Sound Reading instruction is designed using brain-friendly teaching methods, including:

  • Reduced Error Learning: Material learned with few errors is memorized correctly. Sound Reading enhances memory by reducing incorrect responses; thus, it eliminates the self-reinforcement of errors. Instead of struggling, your student will find Sound Reading quite easy.
  • Distributed Instruction: Sometimes called spiral instruction, distributed instruction spreads out learning tasks. As a result, students master material indefinitely rather than temporarily.
  • Over-learning/Automaticity: Recent research shows that mastery learning may only lead to short and intermediate learning. For long-term learning, students need continued practice beyond the mastery stages, or over-learning. The deepest reading occurs when students are reading automatically. Sound Reading Solutions TM provides practice until it is “too easy,” like reading a well -loved book.
  • Auditory Interaction: Reading is a receptive (listening) language process. Sound Reading Solutions TM is intensely auditory, heightening the language processes that are the key to literacy.
  • Independent Instructional Level: Many students will find Sound Reading “too easy,” difficult for only the most challenged readers. Sound Reading is designed at an independent instructional level, where the student is highly successful. Reading improvement is like reading itself — when it is easy, and not frustrating, student performance is accelerated.

Just two, thirty-minute sessions of Sound Reading added weekly to your reading program dramatically improves comprehension, fluency, decoding and spelling.

The most important and overlooked aspect of reading is that print activates our inner voice, tapping into the power of speech. Reading is a special receptive (listening) language activity. In conversation, we translate speech into meaningful language. As we listen, we decode and identify meaningful words effortlessly. The same is true when we read. Brain research clearly shows that fluent readers use the same brain pathways to read as they do to understand conversation. Fundamental changes in our understanding of how children acquire reading skills identify new ways to teach students to read.

Sound Reading's innovative methods heighten speech and language abilities for literacy success. Print- to-speech literacy instruction builds a solid foundation, ensuring that all students read well. Turn struggling students into sustained silent readers. Each Sound Reading System gives your student the skills they need to learn to read with ease and confidence.

This is the Sound Reading Solution!