Speech Pathology Associates

Lifetime Library

Success in school, and in the years ahead, is directly tied to the ability to read and understand. Every person needs to be able to read and comprehend a large variety of printed materials - from soup labels to websites to works of literature. The Lifetime Library provides practical competency in reading, along with the ability to skillfully interpret what is read.

The Lifetime Library is a comprehensive curriculum covering basic reading, providing hundreds of hours of multimedia instruction. You'll receive the full benefit of the instruction because the courseware accommodates a range of learning styles and skill levels.

The Library is an excellent choice for any individual, whether you need instruction at your current level, enrichment, or remediation. The Library provides the flexibility for every person to learn - no matter how diverse the cultural and economic background. Traditional educational systems work well for many, but there are always learners left behind - those who have difficulty mastering the necessary skills in the time frame required. Others need to be challenged with new and exciting concepts that push them to their limits.

All learners profit from flexible multimedia instruction - with concepts accessible through video, audio, photographs, and the written word. You'll benefit from courseware that provides instruction at the time, place, and pace that fits your needs. The Library brings together the layers of information, the opportunities for remediation, and the flexibility that you'll require.

Reading 1 is a basic reading curriculum for those who read at fifth through ninth grade levels. It will improve reading skills through a variety of print materials learners encounter in daily life such as labels, advertisements, newspapers, short stories and novels.

Reading 2 strengthens the core abilities built up in Reading 1, expanding the studentís reading abilities. Reading 2 contains relevant readings, dramatizations, historical events, and interviews with experts within the video and uses history, science, and literature as interesting vehicles for teaching the skill of good reading.