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Music For The Mind

Music for the Mind is a unique, auditory stimulation program using the rich and intricate music of Persian musician Ostad Elahi. The four CD set features world music combined with psychoacoustic techniques, gentle filtration and nature sounds.

Ostad Elahi was a master musician and virtuoso of the tanbour for whom music was above all a means of inner reflection and contemplation. Tanbour is a generic term used to designate a class of lutes whose necks are longer than their bodies. It has been used almost exclusively for devotional purposes since the 15th century. All the music is improvised which gives it a free quality, while the unusual harmonic and rhythmic structures cause the brain to be attentive in a dramatic way.

Listening to music from many parts of the world can help make our desire to listen come alive. Ostad's music is an effective and enjoyable way to exercise both our ears and our intelligence. Let Music for the Mind sweep you away on a journey to another place and another time.

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