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SpeechEasy Comfort Fit Device

Fluency device models from SpeechEasy are all...
  • Small
  • Comfortable
  • Ergonomic
SpeechEasy fluency devices are offered in four highly ergonomic models. They include:
  • SpeechEasy instrument worn behind the ear
  • SpeechEasy instrument worn in the canal
  • SpeechEasy instrument worn completely in the canal
  • The New Comfort Fit device
The latter is the newest advancement in fluency devices made and has several distinct advantages. Please contact your nearest SpeechEasy provider to find out if the Comfort Fit device is available in your area.

All of these fluency device models are custom fit to the individual user's ear canal using either an ear mold impression to ensure a perfect fit or an ergonomically sized sound tube that fits close the users ear.

Below are the specifications and cost for each model.

Standard Features
  • Up to 220 milliseconds of DAF
  • 8 Frequency settings of FAF
  • 2 Independent AAF settings
  • Intelligent Noise Attenuation Strategy® (INAS)
  • Effective Voice Activation Technology® (EVAT)
  • 16 Band Frequency Shaping
Model Comfort Fit (CF) Completely In the Canal (CIC) In the Canal (ITC) Behind the Ear (BTE)
MSRP $4500 $4400 $3400 $2500
Options   Volume Control (shown) $200   Ear Mold (shown) $100
  • Natural sound passage
  • Reduced background noise
  • Smallest fluency device available
  • Very discrete

  • Excellent price to size value
  • Volume control easily accessible
  • Very durable
  • Great for those with dexterity issues

Click here to contact Speech Pathology Associates, we are certified to dispense and fit SpeechEasy fluency devices.