Speech Pathology Associates

Listening Program Intake and Program Procedure

Please call or email us If you have questions about The Listening Program (TLP) or wish to purchase the program:

  • Telephone: 509-925-2850
  • Email: don@SpeakingSuccessfully.com

Our staff will provide program supervision for The Listening Programs and:

  • we'll explain and answer your questions about The Listening Programs development, theory, history and basic program administration
  • we'll help you determine whether The Listening Programs are appropriate for your particular needs and situation
  • we'll gather basic information through a Client Survey and interview process. We will collect data regarding The Listening Programs effectiveness with your age group or symptoms
  • we'll explain and recommend audio equipment necessary for The Listening Programs
  • we'll recommend an appropriate program schedule based on your needs and development
  • we'll arrange consultation and follow up schedules
  • we'll be available for telephone or email consultations and support as needed throughout the duration of the program
  • we'll follow up with you when you've finished with first cycle of listening
  • we'll provide and collect your evaluation and feedback data
  • all consultations are included in the purchase of the products